Completed: 03/19/2022

In this mirror, that I hold in my hand.
I see an, ocean within, the masquerader’s
In this mirror, I can pretend, that something
will somehow make me content.
That all of this pain, rejection and depression,
just isn’t at all real.

As I stare into this lonely abyss.
Delusions that I’ve come to fear.
Are my soldiers/my one testament.
A blacked out and total eclipse.
This monster has me in its grips.

And I’m drowning in…

Say hello to myself.
Spoken with an honest tongue.
Is a truth that, swallows me whole.
Just a work in progress.

In my!
My head!
A hole, that I keep, stepping in!

Swollen and torn, are the ligaments
that hold me together.
This illusion, gets in my way,
as I bleed vitality, down the drain.

Say hello to a new self!
Spoken with my second face!
Intertwined and giving in!
Spoken from a holy place!
Echoes of a conjoined twin!

In my!
My head!
A hole, that I keep, stepping in!

There’s a pathway, down the road.
And I don’t really care, where it goes.
I’ll throw it all away.
Embrace the burning embers!
Sink into it’s tentacles!
Give in to the surrender!
With divine and stolid venom!
Burn through this skin!

Staring into myself.
This hole in myself.
Straight through this hole I’ll delve.
Through the spine and through myself!

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