Your trigger finger’s itching,
you find there’s no control.
And the lies are getting thicker,
no matter what you’re told.

Like throwing it away,
to some ignorant apostle,
is like laying down the knife,
upon the largest of the vessels.

Now the strictures are digging in!
From every angle and direction,
comes another Hell I’ve been living in!
Now the breakers are drowning me!
From every corner and projection,
lies another spectre that’s become a
fucking refugee!

A sadist’s glee, and I am listless.
Out of depth.
Out of breath.
Your Heaven must be blissful.
Nothing’s left!
But the obsessed!
Scratch the itch!
Your razors must be helpful.

And all the plastic!
On display!
Stab myself, in the back,
pour the bleach in the eyes!

Now the sutures are tangling!
From every crevice and dissection,
comes another shadow I’ve been harboring!
Now I’m surrounded on every side!
By every flaw and rejection,
digging to the grave as I sleep just to die!

Pour the bleach in the eyes!
Flay the flesh, the inner self,
save myself that I cannibalize!

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