I think we all need a little of it!
What’s the matter with a small lapse of sanity?
Fuck the noise!
I’ll make my own rhythm!
That’s my story and I’m fucking gonna stick to it!

Dirt trails and bandanas and bad ideas,
what’s the worst that could happen here?
Blood loss and lives lost and metrorrhea,
eyes bloodshot, pupils like platters,
It’s all adrenaline and games, until the
blood splatters and the train goes up in


200 pesos and a gunshot’s what we got,
not nearly enough to pay the racketeer.
Turn on each other, ’cause we hate the other more.
Eyes burning red, one of us is dead, and I’m the
It’s all euphoria, kicks and sport, until the
shots ring out and it’s all a last resort!

I think I may be hooked on it!
What’s so wrong with an ego that is counterfeit?
Fuck everything!
I dance to my own tune!
That’s my story and it’s just a little hit-or-miss!

Psychosis and peyote and no control,
Why does it matter which voice that I am talking to?
Blood clots, tequila shots and Metrazol,
Scorched flesh, shit the bed,
It’s all a riot ’til the voltage spreads and your
brain goes up in flames!

I think we need a little of it!
Fight it all you want,
you’re a slave and an addict,
ain’t it tragic, that all you fucking
have is fear!

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