I can see your scars, and with my fingertips
I will pull them apart.
Push right straight through the bone,
and that’s just the start.

And was it all just a dream?
That you created for me.
Underneath all of the lies.
Is a heart that only screams.
If you could step through the walls.
Would you want it to feel the same?
I bet you fucking would,
I just love your fucking shame.

There is, no one left here to fear!

I can see through your pleas,
and with the needles I may,
I may tear them away.
Shred right through the veins,
I can’t, live without the pain.

I’ve fallen victim to these stitches,
that keep me wide awake.
And now you think I am healing,
now you think that I am safe.
No, these demons they will,
they will never escape.
And left with my mistakes,
are the choices I’ve made.

There is, only one to fear,
and it is you I am afraid!

And if this is how it has to be.
Then I’ll, mutilate your prayers.
You stepped into this fire.
And I will, rip you out of me!

The only one here to blame is me!

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