Edited: 06.06.2020

Gold keys, to a trap door in the sky,
while anger keeps me warm at night.
Self exceptions, to every rule, like a violent
sullen crutch, and it is written in stone,
“He was laughing too much.”

This is all I have to give…

Spinning windows, reappear, lifts me to the
silo and returns myself to you.
Pyramid crystals, shimmer in the sun, terrify me,
isolate myself from the truth.

This is all I have to give…

Suns rise and they will set, time disappears,
I sit here, and decompose.
This depression, is growing on me, like an infection
and I am scared of every mirror I’ve been shown.

I have nothing more to offer, out of options
and I have nothing else to give!

Dead end mazes, hole in the spine, better off dead,
keeps eating me alive.
From the inside out, this holy war, left disassembled.
Torn apart, I find myself, I start to tremble.
Deviance kills, little pills, disillusioned,

This is all I have to give!
This is all I have to give!

Held out your hand, took a grip, the microchip,
I’m yours to wield as your device.
I took the pieces, your broken reasons
and put them back in line.

Puzzle fragments, mixed and matched,
don’t think I’ll make it out this time.
Just like a reaper, on the shoulder,
another bleeder, making sure that I had died.
I took the bullet, with your name, straight to the center,
like I was taught.
My last one breath, I saw the gunman
and it was you that fired the shot!

And this is all I have to give!

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