Scream down, from your bloody pulpit.
For your God, your lies, your liberties.
Shout up, from your knees.
You counterfeit, fucking hypocrite!

Swallow down this.
Follow, down this hole.
Reminisce, your first french kiss.
Devil Tongue, Chosen One, birth control.

Vandal’s spine, with your muscles unshod.
From your love, unworthy of, this disease.
Candle’s light, don’t you find it odd?
You deceiver, by small degrees.

Choke down this.
Suffocate, this whole.
And how do I miss?
You ruminate, fucking strangulate.
You will lead them, all to slaughter.
Death of these hopes and these dreams of tomorrow.
You’re no martyr! Fucking fire starter, an arsonist,
of the unfortunate!
What you’ve done to them, will come back on you,
as I twist a smile, at the fucking hell you’re about to
go through!

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