I don’t know you.
I don’t know me…

So, I think that makes us even, right?

I woke up…about an hour ago…from a really intense dream.

The problem is…

I wasn’t sleeping…but…I wasn’t awake either.

It suddenly dawned on me…like a lead weight from the heavens…

I think I forgot who I am.

I think I remembered to forget what I was. Some people…they may give an arm and a leg to forget who they are but me…I never knew who I was…but I knew who I wasn’t
and somehow, suddenly, someway…I became who I never wanted to be…and then I
fell awake.

Black was white, white was black. Up was down. Down was left. Right was east
and directly in the center was the outside looking in.

Makes perfect sense. To you, it might not. I’m not sure that I’m really awake.
Maybe this awareness is nothing more than a fallacy, a lie. Lying to my own
unconsciousness through terror and surrealism.

It’s all quite amusing…on a hysterical level, I suppose…you know coming to
grips with dissolution.
Digestion is my “Phase” … but … shouldn’t it be pixelation? Why
isn’t that a “Phase”?

Cause I’m a dying fish swimming in the
purest of waters…
And I’m a silent example of how it
should somehow never ever be!

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