It’s a sad, sad song playing,
over and over.
To a tune I can’t remember.

It’s a mad, mad hinge coming,
loose and unglued.
With the screws left in my hand.

So long. (To you.)
So tired. (Of you.)
So worn. (Confused.)
What’s left? (To do.)

Recycle all these tears!
Re-burn the souvenirs!
And all that does remain!
A bent engagement ring!

So long. (So long!)
So long. (So long!)

And all the pretty little lies.
(Over and over.)
And every promise broken.
And all that bleeds will die.
(Over and over.)
I hold the key, it’s choking.

Recycle all these tears! (To you.)
Re-burn the souvenirs! (Of you.)
And all that does remain! (So confused.)
A bent engagement ring!
What’s left to do is take these wounds.
(All the emotions.)
Behold the words bespoken!
To you they’re all unspoken!

Listen to the quill. (I tried.)
Your silence has been spoken. (So long.)
Scream at the voices in my head! (So Long)
Listless and heartbroken! (To you.)
And now the vein’s wide-open!

So long. (So long!)
So long. (So long!)
So long. (So long!)
So long. (So long!)

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