Free Promises

We violently stumble down the stairs of cultural, societal and genetic relevance. Incrementally but yet making leaps and bounds toward the bottom. The tether to the diving bell snapped under the pressure. The weight.

Homogenized by mainstream decadence and LCD screens that transmit nothing but the repetitive. Repeat. Minutiae.

It’s not how it works. This is not how this works…

Simple-mindedness, mediocrity and desperation. To go. Go where? And. For what? Viral? Viruses are living organisms too. Why do we only champion the rights of the organic beings that we choose? We do. Do we not?

To deny Nature is to deny God…

The last Gazelle is not waited on by the rest of the herd as the lioness preys. If you’re last in line, you’re first to die. Not opposite. Holding up Nature is playing God and playing God is denying as well.

This is necessary…

Everyone is selling something to everyone but everyone is as well for sale to everything. All is systemic. No one smells flowers. Admires their colors. No one watches birds. Admires their intricacies.

Beyond the fibrous attachment to the glow, chasing dragons of wild and mania-induced what-if conspiracies. Disconnected. Disillusioned. Doomed.

Numb. Deaf. Mute. Chemically dependent as am I…

But the birds.

No one hears them sing.

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