The Coil…

Slowly weaving, while my stomach’s heaving
as I realize, there’s no room to breathe.
And my head is reeling, at the thoughts I’m feeling
as I’m terrified, of the clouds I’m underneath.

Eyes are dried.
I drift away.
No echo, my screams will make…

Insulation, through my captor’s dealings
and I’m hypnotized, how long have I been here?
My gums are bleeding, turning more Anemic
as I hold the knife, I will disappear.

I’ve lived a lie.
I sink beneath.
The air escapes, light it turns to grey…

So deceiving, your intentions were pleasing
and I took your love, for what it appeared.
Disbelieving, all the scars I’m seeing
as I cut again, from the voices that I hear.

Slowly, I.
Start to, die.
And it’s oh-so clear.
There was no welcome sign here…

Eyes are dried.
Bloodshot and bleary.
There’s no more pain.
And the sky’s not dreary.

No more screaming.
And my heart’s not grieving.
As I cut away.
All the pieces of you.
Until no memory remains.
And I wish for this.
To be over it!
I can finally get some rest.
In my chest.
Is a fist-sized mess.
Of who I used to be…

Slowly, I.

Fade away…

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