Blood At The Jungle…

Ashli Babbitt was a Domestic Terrorist…or was she?

But, we’ve all seen the recent tirade of a deeply deranged woman as well as the video of her fate on January 6th. And, this post isn’t about her role in the insurrection or politics in general. This is about ethics, morality and the constant struggle and conflict internally over someone’s death.

Death is inevitable. Sometimes right and wrong are not.

What Ashli Babbitt did prior to and on January 6th was wrong…but was it inevitable? We can destroy our psyches with past scenarios like Babbitt’s. What happened to lead someone to become rabidly unhinged, to turn against their very own government, citizens and to ultimately die for it? Did anyone try to intervene? Did anyone even notice that her tethers of reality had frayed and broken or that her last hope, her anchor, its chains had snapped and her ship had become lost at sea…at all?

There is, without a doubt, a dire and bleak mental health crisis in America. Worldwide but I can only speak from this nation’s microphone. I’ve yet to live abroad. That changes next year as I emigrate to Switzerland, leaving behind a country tattered, bruised, bleeding from one massive political drive-by after another.

I also realize it takes two to tango. Had help of any kind been offered to her, she would have to be willing to accept it as involuntary commitment seems to be non-existent now. She made her choices, based on whatever she chose to see, hear, read and believe and she died for it.

And that brings me to my point.

Is it justified to label someone who is clearly suffering from delusions, manipulated by media viruses, propaganda and blatant bald-faced lies, someone clearly drowning in an ocean of insanity…is it justified to label that person a Domestic Terrorist if their mind has been warped, contorted and manipulated?

Is it right or wrong to label a person a hateful extremist, without even knowing them? I cannot say with any degree of certainty that Ashli Babbitt was a mean, cruel, sadistic or evil person. I did not know her. I was not around her.

And this is where morality and ethics step in.

I use Twitter throughout my day, usually in breaks or when I need a laugh but to see such remarkable disdain for her leaves me bemused. If you have seen her car ride video, then you know she was completely overcome with rage, animosity and vengeance. I used the term “rabid” earlier. Rabies itself is a lethal virus. I also used the term “media viruses” too. The media, love them, hate them or remain indifferent, they play a role in not narrating our local, nationwide and world view but now, they no longer report it, they Voldemort it into whatever narrative they want you to see and hear.

If you hear that narrative long enough, many will start to believe it. An effect commonly referred to as Stockholm Syndrome and a technique commonly used by gangs, cults and religious sects worldwide to indoctrinate (typically) weak-willed, weak-minded and generally fragile and susceptible people to their agenda(s). To the point that the narrative becomes a veneration, reverence…almost a Dogma for them.

Picture the child of The Manchurian Candidate and MKUltra…

So, we don’t know her. I, personally, know absolutely nothing about her other than she served in our military, won two prestigious awards, got divorced and then remarried in the same year and died gasping for air, all for nothing, all for someone else’s malignant crack pipe dream of a Fascist, Authoritarian Hellscape.

Ethically, morally…and this might be an unpopular opinion but I have a hard time crucifying the dead with names I won’t even use around my friends. Isn’t it ethically wrong to project upon her the same rage and vitriolic fanaticism that she projected on January 6th?


This isn’t a post praising her or defending her. No. In fact, I wholeheartedly condemn every choice and action she made leading up to this and yes, the officer that shot her was 100% fully justified in doing so. She is no saint. She is no hero. She is no martyr. She was a criminal and that’s what happens to criminals, especially violent ones.


I won’t lower my standards and morals so low as to heap hatred on her when quite honestly, she already had her Judgment Day. If this woman deep-fried kittens or stole from sick children or set fire to a Senior Center all because she wanted to, then fine, unload but shitting mountains of hateful insults and names isn’t going to change the fact that justice was already served.

Yeah, I get it, it pisses you off. It pisses me off as well but we live in an unprecedented era of controlled content that is almost always devoid of context so, don’t hate me for speaking the truth, respect me for keeping it real. Honestly, don’t be like “them”. Be better than that. Do better than that. Think better. Act better. Because while you’re looking down on someone with malice, someone is looking up to you and thinking it’s okay.

We don’t know her at all.

And all we know is what they’ve sold us…

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