The Frame…

The Frame

Sun gives way, to a fiery amputation.
Suck down the poison I have tasted.
Say my prayers for asphyxiation.
This is the end I’ve anticipated.

Forgot what your face looks like.
Can’t seem to replace the blur.
Can’t seem to, shake the desperate feelings
of knowing where we were.

Dear beautiful memory, it won’t
change anything.
And dear selfishness, I can’t seem
to end the suffering.

Stayed silent.
When I should have just dreamed.
Kept to myself.
Thoughts, words and things
I should have just screamed.

Dear terrifying memory, why do you forsake me,
by fading away?
Dear mortifying memory, that I have long forgotten,
that has long forgotten me.

Keep trying to sway this creature!
Only to see my own face as the reason!
At my own self-righteous pulpit,
I’m the preacher, the disease!

Dear beautiful memory.
That I have mercifully forgotten.

That has long forgotten me…

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