Aberration Belladonna

Aberration Belladonna

Where have I been wandering?
And should I be concerned about these bruises?
All of this confusion leaves me
puzzled yet amused.

Found another little problem.
Another void to fill.
And where the hell is my reason?
And how did I lose myself again?

Choices killed the strength and
now the flame expounds the dark.
Keeping you at arm’s length was
my one failed question mark.

Where have I self-destructed?
Seems to be the last place that I felt.
Who I used to be is a distant memory
of someone who cannot be helped.

Listened to the beating of a heart
that wasn’t really there.
Now there’s bedlam in the soul and
there’s a tear that’s caused a rift.

(I knew better!)
Left my last rites in her hand.
(Knew better!)
Down the rabbit hole again.
(I knew better!)
Another stranger to the bitter end.

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