A Missive for the Bigot…

I’ve noticed something during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I’ve notice just how many brilliant and talented Nurses, Scientists and Doctors here in America are from Mexico, Asia, India and myriad Middle Eastern countries, as well as numerous other regions.

And a thought burst in my head…

This country is full of hatred, vitriol and rage right now. Especially toward immigrants, namely those of LatinX and Middle Eastern ethnicities. Now, it’s fine if you want to waste your days on this neon globe filled with hatred of other humans because their square on the paint swatch doesn’t match yours but what if??

What if?

What if you need life-saving surgery one day and when you come out of anesthesia, the name of your Surgeon or Doctor or Nurse is Almasi or Said or Haddad? What if their last name is Nguyen or Furukawa or Xiong? What if their last names is Bhavsar or Chakrabarti or Ramanathan? What if their last name is Altamirano or Landaverde or Sepulveda?

This Surgeon/Doctor/Nurse just A) kept you alive, B) saved your life and C) helped you heal.

Are you going to seriously hate them then? And, if so, how can you hate a person that cared enough about you to spend their time, energy and emotions, someone who bled, poured sweat and maybe even cried to keep your hateful carcass alive and breathing?

There are plenty of things to hate Dear Dreadful Sir or Madam. Deforestation. Koalas burning alive. Black people having their homes raided and then murdered for it. Black people having their necks crushed for a bad check. Allowing half a million people to die because you were born with your umbilical cord wrapped around your orange neck.

Hating a person because of their skin color…I’m going to say it. It’s fucking retarded. It’s something someone with only one lobe of their brain working would do. Ignorance is not a virtue. Judge a person not for being a different color, not for being LGBTQ, not for contemplating or even having an abortion, no, judge them for the character behind their actions. Judge them for the words they say.

It’s “A Moral Code”…not “Amoral Code”.

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