Savior Zero: Vol. 1, Scene 3…

Scene Three: Norway.

Drammen, Norway. 3:18pm. Oslo Steel.

Frost: Sometime long ago I had a vision of what I was meant for. Dr. Locke believes he can remedy us by forcing us to become obsequious to his potion. I believe there are more alternatives to this Feral.

The man is Ian Frost.

Feral: (Snarls)

Frost: What do you mean?? You surely jest. I could have left you there to die. (Pause) Instead I freed you to do what you do best…make art.

Frost makes his way to a bay window overlooking the town of Drammen. In the glass is a reflection. A man, pale and ashen reveals himself. This is Ian Frost. His skull vastly larger than normal humans. Veins pulse and course over his face and bald skull like worms under the surface. His eyes dull, the color of fire with no pupils.

Frost: The Doctor is busy recruiting. Brainwashing more and more minions with his rhetoric of victimization and persecution. Just a short trip Feral. Do your worst. (Slow laughter)

Frost nails closed a large wooden crate and signals for his servants.

Frost: See that it gets there as scheduled.

Servant 1: Yes, sir.

Frost: No screw ups.

Servant 2: Got it.

Frost: The Dr. will see you…now.

Cut to Austin and Ashley’s apartment. Two days later.

Ashley: You’re kidding me??

Eddie: No, I’m not. The guy grew a baby…kid-fetus, looked like a fetus in his hand and then his assistant, can’t remember her name, she did something to me.

Ashley: Austin, I swear, if you got a blowjob from some skank, I’m gonna split you from ear-to-ear!!

Eddie: No! It ain’t like that!

Ashley: I’ve had it with your indiscretions!!

Eddie: (Firmly but Calmly) It wasn’t…

Ashley: Every time I turn my back!!

Eddie: Would you shut the fuck up!?

(Long Pause)

Eddie: It was a vision…not a lay.

Ashley: A vision?

Eddie: Like some sort of LSD trip.

Ashley: So, you took LSD at some doctor’s office?

Eddie: NO! Look…

Banging at the door.

Ashley: Sheesh! Knock my door down will ya??

Eddie: (To Himself) God damned banging continues as Ashley heads from the ash stained sofa to the door. She opens the door. A bloody man falls onto her knocking both of them to the ground. Lots of blood. Lorde is screaming her head off. Without blinking I realize that I’ve left the couch and have closed the door and have begun to pull the blood soaked man off of her. She’s crimson red now and still screaming. Shit. Locke. He’s fucked bad.

Ashley: Oh God! Oh God!! Shit! Austin what have you done?!

Eddie: I’ve done nothing! (Pause) Now quiet the fuck down before the whole damned building calls the cops! I hate cops!!

Eddie: (To Himself) She’s quiet now but not calm. She’s hyperventilating though. I give her a Ziploc. Left lying around weed baggies can help…every now and then.

Ashley: Who is it??

Eddie: The doctor I saw today. Locke. Malcolm Locke.

Eddie: (To Himself) The blood has pooled on the floor and is congealing. It stinks like aluminum.

Ashley: Shit! What happened to him??

Eddie: (To Himself) I don’t know. I’m freaking out. Sweating. Did I do this? Nah. Not my work. Killers know there own work, right? Like a painter knows his own brush stroke. Suddenly, he moves. He’s alive! I nudge his arm with my hand. It falls to the floor. His intestines fall with it. Stop thinking Austin, he’s trying to speak. This might be important you fool.

Locke: (Stutters a whisper) Feral.

Ashley: What?? Who??

Eddie: Quiet!

Eddie: What?? Who??

Locke: The time…the…the time is now.

Ashley: What??

Locke: Save them…save them all…from what he is…from what we are.

Eddie: (To Himself) Blood splatters out of his mouth like a bird bath fountain. It splatters my face, into my mouth but I can’t close my jaw. It’s frozen open. I’m gagging inside but ice on the exterior.

Locke: He’ll kill us all…he…can not be stopped…but…but…

Eddie: But what?

Locke: But the time is now. Feral is loosed.

Eddie: This…Feral did this?

Locke: Yes.

Eddie: (To Himself) Holy…damn.

Locke: You…are their savior. The ones you hate, that hate you… I never told you.

Eddie: Told me what?

Locke: Your parents…

Eddie: What about them?!

Locke: They were…they were victims too. The government…they killed them but…but they believed in humanity…you must save no one. They will hate you, stalk you, want you dead but for the good of humanity…you must save no one! Destroy him by destroying everything!

Eddie: (To Himself) Save no one? Destroy everything? Great. What have you gotten yourself into Austin?

Ashley: Shit!!

Eddie: What?

Ashley: He’s dead!!

Eddie: (To Himself) Yep.

Eddie: Why’d this asshole have to die here? I didn’t ask for this!

Ashley: What the fuck is going on, Austin?!

Eddie: (To Himself) What the fuck is going on? I’m no hero but I’m not supposed to be one. I’m no assassin or mass murderer either. I’m certainly no savior. It’s fitting. The savior of no one.

Ashley: What is happening, Austin?! God damn it! Tell me!

Eddie: Gonna have to wait. We need to call the cops. I hate cops!

41 minutes later.

Eddie: (To Himself) He startles me but his voice cracks me like a bull whip. They just had to send that son of a bitch Agee.

Agee: A dead body and Eddie Austin. What a surprise. Long time no see Austin. Wait. No, it’s been about two weeks. How’d that drunk in public turn out for you anyway?

Eddie: Fine. Six months probation and an alcohol treatment class.

Agee: Yeah. You haven’t signed up for that yet. I should haul you in right now because of that but looks like we have something a little meatier to sink our teeth into, isn’t that right Austin?

Eddie: Yeah. Seems so.

Agee: Ugh. Poor fuck. Didn’t take you for the disemboweling sort, Austin.

Eddie: I didn’t do this. Not my style.

Agee: Right. You like the whole cave in the skull route.

Eddie: Look, ask the dame pig! She’ll vouch.

Horatio: Excuse me. Excuse me! Let me through.

Agee: Who the hell is this guy, hey, who the hell are you??

Horatio: My name is (stepping over a CSU technician) Horatio Wexler. I’m the attorney for the deceased.

Agee: Can’t possibly see how you’d be essential now. (Belly laughs)

Eddie: (To Himself) Fat fuck and his obnoxious laugh. If he’d put down the fried foods and beer and pick up his puffy feet…he’d probably be less repulsive…but I wouldn’t count on it.

Horatio: This is true but I’m also counsel for Mr. Austin.

Eddie: (To Himself) I stand there silently but I’m quite sure my puzzled look gives me away. I don’t have an attorney. Never did and until now, never would.

Horatio: Now, if you don’t…mind…Detective…I’d like a moment with my client.


Horatio: Ok, Detective??

Agee: Fine.

Eddie: (To Himself) Fat fuck’s dropping his stogie ashes on my rug. Only my ashes go there. The pubic louse.

Eddie: Hey look…Mr.

Horatio: Wexler.

Eddie: Wexler. Right. I don’t know who sent you but I don’t have a lawyer.

Horatio: You do now. Compliments of Dr. Locke.

Eddie: Pardon?

Horatio: Dr. Locke foresaw of this moment. I’m sure he filled you in on his…gifts.

Eddie: Yeah. Hey, pig…don’t touch her!

Horatio: Yes, yes…officers…my clients are not to be interrogated or questioned until they have consulted with counsel. Laws are laws.

Eddie: Why do I need you?

Horatio: Because I have explicit instructions and besides…there’s a man on your living room floor that is missing his guts and with your history…without me, you’re doing time in Paradise. Fifty to life I’d say so if I were you, I’d shut up and listen.

Eddie: (To Himself) What can I say? Man has a point.

Eddie: Ok.

Horatio: Dr. Locke was a prepared man. That being said, he has prepared an alibi with witnesses for you and the broad.

Eddie: But I didn’t do this.

Horatio: Tell that to that fat fucking blubber stain with the cigar. He’s looking for a reason to slam you into the joint.

Eddie: Great.

Horatio: Now, here’s the deal. You, your lady friend were out with some of Dr. Locke’s acquaintances at a local tavern. You came home and found your door wide open, Dr. Locke dead on the floor. You checked his pulse and his guts splattered out and soaked you and the broad. Got me?

Eddie: Got you…but

Horatio: What?

Eddie: What about you? Why are you here?

Horatio: Dr. Locke’s cell phone. Didn’t check that did you?

Eddie: Why would I?

Horatio: Dr. Locke was on the phone with my office when the call abruptly ended. I immediately traced his call and rushed over. Dr. Locke and I had been discussing filing a suit against a local company for infringing on a formula that regenerates genetic tissue.

Eddie: Really?

Horatio: Yeah! No, you idiot, it’s the cover and that’s what we’re going to feed those cops out there. Dr. Locke had something bigger planned for you and being in the hoosegow wasn’t it.

Eddie: (To Himself) The worm wasn’t like the rest of the bloodsucking scum of the law world. He had a plan and I liked that. I trotted my ass out to Agee and fed him the story. After conferring with his cronies and the brass he bought it hook, line and sinker and cut me loose. Told me and Lorde not to leave town though. The lawyer gave me a package, a manila envelope. In it was a letter from Dr. Locke.

Dear Mr. Austin,

By now, you’ve most certainly been informed of my untimely demise. In fact, I am quite sure that you there when it happened. Sometimes these things aren’t as simple as they seem. Anyway, to the matter at hand. Ms. Lamont is awaiting your arrival in Toronto. The address is on an index card. Memorize it and then drop the slip of paper along with this letter into any container of water.

Unfortunately, at this time, it is too risky and dangerous for Ms. Lorde to accompany you. I have made arrangements for her. She will be in good hands and safe. You have my word. I am still a bit fuzzy as I am penning this as to whether or not you have had the unfortunate privilege of meeting the one they call “Feral”.

“Feral” is a creature, plain and simple. Lacking empathy and human emotions he has developed abilities such as speed, strength and an extreme set of senses. His skin, unfortunately, has been discolored due to the vaccine. It is now a shade of yellow. Familiarize yourself with the scent of ammonia and you should be able to pluck him from the shadows.

He is here because of a man named Ian Frost. Ian was one of the original scientists working on the vaccine. He was not as willing to self test as I was and has resented humanity ever since. Ian is absolutely brilliant. His I.Q. score isn’t even near the realm of genius. It goes beyond and his powers are greater than any of us can even begin to imagine. The vaccine was unkind to him.

Mr. Austin. You are the one survivor that even has a remote chance of stopping Frost. I trust you will exhaust all of your options. Find Ms. Lamont.

Begin your journey.

Your friend,


So…it’s off to Toronto, to find Acid.

I had seen the dame before. Outside Chicky’s and inside a few of my old haunts, just staring me down. Being the arrogant asshole that I am, I merely thought that she wanted a taste of old Austin but it never happened. Something kept me on a leash and it wasn’t Lorde. I pretended like I had never seen her before…I don’t know why. All of this was just as confusing as it was disturbing…however, it was enticing, the thought of being something, somebody, some use.

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