October, 20th, 2005

A soft and warm vapor brings me back to my knees.
And the smell is just a reminder of her.
These fingers, dig deep, through the softest hair.
And I find myself deep inside your hole again.

Yet again and again, like a tone that never ends
and all I can feel is you gripping my skin.
One flex is the needle to the vein and I’m
just another junkie, begging for his fix.

Can you call this love?
Can you call this reality?
No answer is just fine by me.
And would I taste you forever?
Savor I would and I would throw away
my everything, for your drug that leaves me
on my knees!

Directionless and ravenous, you torture me
with hatefulness. Whips and chains and constant
pain, trapped inside some beggary!

But you push thighs, apart as wide, to get right to the center.
You grip my hands, pull me deep. I lose my breath, I cannot see.
How you’ve had your way with me. And even if you set me free,
I cannot run, you’ve made a slave of me

Your cure.
To my sickness.
Forever is this fever.

But, nothing could be sweeter…

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