Online Store “TeeHands” Profits Off of Holocaust Slaughter…

My letter to the Anti-Semitic pieces of shit at TeeHands, who think it’s hip to peddle t-shirts splattered with hate speech and other vomitous messages.

You can contact them here:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was alerted to this product your store has for sale by a dear friend of mine. She is Jewish. Her Parents are Jewish and her Grandparents are Jewish. Her Grandfather spent almost three years in a forced labor internment camp during the Holocaust. Both of his Brothers, his Uncle and his 11 year old Sister were murdered by the Nazis during those three years. His 11 year old sister was beaten with iron rods and pistol whipped as well as raped repeatedly before dying of starvation. Her Grandfather’s Brothers were forced to dig graves while sick with pneumonia before being shot in the backs of their heads. His Uncle was thrown into an incinerator alive.

The Allied Forces arrived just days before her Grandfather would have died of illness. They rescued the remaining prisoners, nursed them back to health and brought them to America.

I’m not Jewish but I have spent hours listening to the horrific stories told by her Grandparents and selling a shirt like this is not only cruel, inhumane and sadistic, it advocates genocide and it disgusts me. Now, I don’t run your business but I will never buy anything from you. Selling an item like this is not a mistake, it doesn’t just slip by quality control. Someone chose to manufacture and sell this hateful garment that isn’t worthy of wiping one’s ass.

I’m not going to urge you to pull it or stop selling it because you made the choice to do so in the first place and that speaks louder than any copy and paste form-letter faux-outrage response pulling it would evoke from you.

Others will bash you, call you names and insult you but anyone who chooses to profit off of the horrendously vile deaths of innocent humans, well, I wouldn’t be able to insult you better than Mother Nature already has.
I hope the money you’ve made will soothe what conscience you clearly have so very little of.

With Disdain,

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