Fairy Tale…

Fairy Tale

Red Riding Hood, searches the forest,
knuckles of ashen gray.
Big Bad Wolf, lurks behind her,
plots out his destruction of prey.

Tin Man in a suit made of liars,
holds his head so low.
Scarecrow shit on by others, ablaze
his body burns aglow.

Two lovers embracing in darkness
while the moon, she shines.
Walking the boardwalk, hand in hand
each in love, they swear this time.

In love with a vision of beauty that
leaves me so believing in tomorrow
and I don’t wanna come down again from this
stalk and I climb and I climb and I climb
till I die and my hands, they will bleed
but I climb to my lover’s breath,
lay my head down on the breast…


Rapunzel, let your hair down!
I need your serenity now!

I’ve scared away phantoms that have
kept up with keeping the pace.
And I’ve dedicated my time and effort
and love to running this race.

No more stories about how I was
once alone.
This spirit, with her arms of strength and
love and compassion, of my beloved,
wrapped around this fucked up and wrinkled soul.

Keeps me alive!!
I’m living a fairy tale!

Keeps me alive!
Thought I was dead inside!

Clinging to her/every breath!

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