I’ve been reckless with a heart I’ve
grown to love.
I’ve been careless with a kindred spirit
that I adore.

No sense in crying about what I have lost,
when I should be crying over bridges I may
never, ever cross.

No reason to lie to myself.
So afraid of what I will hear.
So scared of her words and I think
maybe I should just disappear.

I’ve been hiding these feelings for so long,
now I don’t know what to say.
I’ve been keeping my heart from her,
crying to the heavens, as I watch you
walk away.

How did I find a way to let such chance
become disarray?
I had it in my grasp, couldn’t find my strength,
while she gave up on me, this heart I neglected into

And each time I close my eyes, she is all I can see.
In my dreams, my thoughts, the blood,
she’s a part of me.

And I am lost, confused, so alone, everything’s
unclear without her here.

And I’ve been reckless with a heart that I love.

So I disappear…

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