The Temper Comet…

The Temper Comet

Five trails, hydrogen, feel the panic,
hear the static, lost the gloves,
see the dismantle…

Seat belted, double knotted, close my eyes,
envision the landing, jolt of violent,
it starts to shatter.

Metal screeching, crepitating, feel like retching,
grip the handles, crack wide open, watch the
blood drip down!

Tailspin, fire in the engines, starts the tumble,
cartwheel fledge, think back years reminisce,
17, no control, suicidal, almost left the edge!

But promises, of better tomorrows, opened windows,
there was no sorrow, through the grater, tred the
razor, God never said he was my navigator!

Now 40, 64 missions flown, one difference, 17 was me
40 is who’s at home, wife and mother, two first-class
daughters, placing flowers upon my stones!

Fingers stuck together, smear the tear and blood,
before I can’t remember. Never mind the Taker,
Soon we’ll all be vapor, close my eyes and cry,
I’ts okay, it’s fine, I’m alright, ready to meet
my maker!

Impact, visor’s cracked, look for Cap, nothing left
but his digestive tract. Unbuckle, fall to dirt,
Pitch black with stars, hypnotic, as a matter of

“Could have been worse.” I say to myself.
As I sit down all alone.
Hours go by, just now gazing upward.
Had to prove it to myself.

And I’m the only one!
Just one out of the three!
Shouting “Why oh why?!
Why is it me??

And these stars seem to have, a comforting mind
of their own.
As they cloak and they swaddle me.
Impossible to fight about.

And slumber has come about…

…to be continued.


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