Don’t Drink the Water. It Might Be Holy…

The argument of “God vs. No God” has escalated from debate to full-fledged war of the morons. For eons, people have felt the need to kill one another all for some omnipotent deity hidden high up in the sky and the whole thing just reeks of programmed androids and war machines to me.

I grew up in a Baptist home and quickly learned that these secular people have almost as many skeletons in the closet and crosses to bear than other religions. Oh, say, like Catholicism.

Let’s put this notion out there for a moment. This Christian God of theirs is supposedly a loving and compassionate God and I think that’s cute. What God sits around watching his minions kill and be killed in his name and calls himself “loving”? And then has the audacity to tell them using his name in vain is a sin??

If there are Gods, then what makes anyone think their effigy is the right one and who the hell are they to go and blow someone up or assassinate someone because someone else disagrees? We’re not talking about freedom of religion or even freedom of choice in regards to religion. We’re talking about very confused and easily misled people being taken advantage of by bigoted, homophobic and egomaniacal zealots and religious despots. Namely Televangelists, Mega-Church Pastors and their ilk.

Granted, some people don’t deserve tolerance. Kenneth Copeland comes to mind. After reading a book on the grandiose figures of controversial days gone by at sixteen (while in the Juvenile Detention Center of all places, where bibles and Jesus are oh so prevalent), I read about Larry Flynt and his comments on Jerry Falwell. I don’t think I have laughed harder since. After finishing Paul Krassner’s [1] book the other day, it became clear that religion, at least the American version of Christianity has gone AWOL.

I wouldn’t want my name attached to the human race either at this point. So, maybe this “God” of these Christian “soldiers” (That’s appropriate. I guess the families and friends of the countless abortion doctors who have been murdered, a violation of the laws and rules given to them to by Moses, feel they are “soldiers” and that their relative/friend died for the good of humanity, huh?) and maybe this should be modernized. No longer are these crusaders defending their freedom and escaping the throws of being persecuted for their beliefs and oppressed by despotic regimes. No, now they are the ones doing the persecuting and oppressing. Look at our elections nationally. One of the reasons Trump was elected was because of his Evangelical Christian endorsements. Religion, religious beliefs and whether or not someone prays or reads the bible should not be crucial points in whether or not we elect a person to run this country, nor should it be any of our fucking business.

I honestly do not want some douche in a three-piece suit leaving the fate of the known world in the hands of a greedy and spiteful God. Especially, when said leader is contemplating pushing the button! The Constitution and the Rule of Law is the prevailing factor in Government and beside that, empathy and compassion are not solely religious tenets either. This country bears the stench of complacency and apathy. Smells sort of like a Skunk…or is that Kim Kardashian’s new perfume?

I’ve also never left anything in God’s hands. When a loved one dies, most typical Christians will offer these nuggets. 1) prayer and gee that gets you a long way, doesn’t it? 2) “He/she’s in a better place now” – how do you know?? Maybe he or she was an asshole that killed babies and abused women. Maybe he or she deserves to be in Hell, if there is one, and maybe, just maybe that is where he or she is now.

Religion is now an excuse to murder, maim, oppress and that’s a cop-out, an easy way for us puny-minded humans to shift accountability, responsibility and reality because we no longer can process emotions or deal with stressful situations, a way for us to keep our blinders on and our senses/emotions dulled.

So, maybe it should be re-written. Out with “Onward Christian soldiers…” and in with “Onward Christian Puppets”…that’s the kind of warfare they’re using these days to get their message out there and I am surrrrre that’s what the bible and God has instructed them to do and before anyone rips me a new asshole, I’m not talking about all Christians.

Let’s start being free-thinking individuals that make our own decisions based on the welfare of our own country, society and our own selves and not out of fear of the “fiery place” or the condemnation of judgmental, holier-than-thou types…our planet will thank us in the end.

So will our descendants…

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