May 3rd, 2006

I see dreams in a window, being rearranged.
Inside arcs of tingling bars, backlights a
palmate and its command.

Feelings of raw percussion, just beneath my skin.
And I was skeptical at first, until you took my
hand/assured me I wouldn’t feel a thing…


And away and in a second and in a fog.
A daze has left me weary of the talking
to the walls and myself.

Claps of starving thunder, filling my void.
Please, scrape away more tissue, cells, I am
seeing stars. (But I am feeling just fine)

(Better than before)

Eyes/wide/empty by the here and now, even
though they see right on through.
Woven through my scars, swim like, tadpoles
in an esoteric light, there’s something
mystical here!

Reach/out/and hold the sky’s.
Weight/nothingness/no more face.
Numb/to/the core/but I do not mind.
(I’m getting smaller by the minute)
I’m in a/jungle/with my lover, and out come the
wolves – to take me home!

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