Retinal Lichens…

I think we are all born wired to desire certain feelings. Happiness, joy, contentment and even love, if you believe in the concept. Love is a figment of our imaginations. It’s not an actual existing entity. It’s a volatile combination of chemicals within the brain mixing with our egos, psyches and desire. It’s all about blood flow.

From children girls are brought up on Cinderella and this magical effigy of being swept off of their feet by a knight in shining armor and guys…well, guys are just mud with a skeleton.

However delusional or convoluted one’s mental image of happiness is, it all comes back to the human desire to be cared about and to feel important, for the endorphins that happiness and joy create to begin swirling in our veins, because in logical and sensible terms, this love is a drug and we are helpless addicts fiending for
our next fix…

Women go back with boyfriends or husbands that cheat on them, lie to them constantly and treat them like dirt just for the sake of being with someone. The fear of being alone and lonely outweighs and excuses the blatant disrespect. Guys continue to allow women to take advantage of their feelings all because they for some unknown reason care about her.

There is a fine line between sanity and being deranged and when love is thrown into the mix, well, that line is about as blurred as the vision of a ninety year-old man with cataracts. Then there are those that are experiencing what they consider to be happiness and joy and love and these are the worst people to be around because as I said above, they’re fucking high on endorphins!

They’re like that uncle that always gets smashed at the family reunion and stutters out the same old story about how he has kids in college that you’ve only heard about nine million times!

They somehow become something positively inhuman. They boast and brag and love to tell sappy little anecdotes and they reek of arrogance and ego. They sometimes even consider themselves to be experts in the field of love and happiness all because they managed to find either some ape-like man to dry hump them in their sleep, you know because of that terrifying fear of being alone or some controlling and bitchy woman because society keeps telling us being single is wrong…

They try to offer the rest of the world “love lessons” or love advice and it’s so retarded that you can barely avoid bursting at the seams with laughter. But we have to forgive these people for their words and actions as they know no better. They’re high! Their little brains are being corroded second by second from an overdose of surrealism. They’re addicts!

Love is a chemical mixture indeed but it is an unhealthy one, an imbalance and there should be a medication to prevent it in all honesty. No, for someone to find another person and just mesh with them, be completed and vice versa, it goes beyond this concept known as love and lands on something much deeper and mystical, something from that little place inside of us that holds our true selves. It takes more than just some human dangling off of our arm or crowding us in our bed to complete us as a person. People marry and then get divorced like it was a trip to the amusement park. My Aunt and Uncle were married for over sixty years. Sixty years together! That’s true connection. They weren’t high. They were bonded and connected, together, mind, body and soul.

It’s easy to assume that fear of being alone and that toxic mixture of chemicals that our brain releases is true happiness and joy.

Don’t believe the hype. It’s really just an untapped meth-like substance with a holiday (Valentine’s Day)…

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