Delusions of Adequacy…

“What is tolerance? — it is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly — that is the first law of nature.” – Voltaire.

From ‘Flash Mobs’ to iPhone ads to beverage commercials, it seems there is always somebody, some corporation or some governing body attempting to tell us who we are, what to do and how to live our lives. I don’t have a problem with vapid people being puppets but I do have a major problem with the same vapid people trying to push the same rotten theories on the rest of us.

Society over the past couple of decades has managed to decay and rot so much that the foundation has begun to crumble. There are days when I reluctantly watch the news and I think to myself “Gee, if people could ever stop being so lazy, whiny and apathetic…there would be another Civil War in this country” and then I snap back to reality and realize that ultra-liberal people thrive off of sitting on their hands and bitching and moaning while making no efforts to change things.

Our culture (if you can call it that) is filled with greed, monotony and lethargy and this is what our political leaders think the rest of the world should be like?!

Well, there you go! That’s where tolerance comes into play. We have allowed these “people” to control everything we do and for decades have turned a blind eye to the atrocities that they blatantly commit. Our President flat out flaunts his lies and crimes against humanity and what does the population do? Nothing! We should be outraged, forming protests, venting our anger and demanding that these deplorable actions be ceased but no…most Americans are too busy taking selfies or somehow, some bizarre way trying to justify not wearing a mask as some rebellious middle finger to Authoritarianism, which is just fucking dumb because they don’t even realize their apathy, avarice and intellectual dwarfism is just one more decadent, selfish and vulgar display of subdued anarchy. And, if you do that (not wearing a mask), you’re a selfish asshole.

We are inundated with repetitive mumbo-jumbo via the airwaves that eventually wears down the weak and fragile-minded. They become so desensitized and lethargic that nothing shocks them and they no longer feel anything but numb. Hell, even television commercials are reflecting just how stupid and dumb this society of people has become. For example, there’s the car commercial revolving around a blind date. The girl is standing at her window on the phone with her suitor saying she doesn’t see him and the guy is sitting in his
new car saying he’s there and this is perfectly ok with people despite the fact that normal, quasi-intelligent people actually get out of their fucking cars and ring the door bell!

Why do we live in a world that allows people to spend millions of dollars wantonly on people like Kenneth Copeland’s antithetical and anti-Christian crusade to literally blow away COVID-19. We have over a dozen commercials telling guys that there must be something wrong with their dick and to buy their medicine because that’s all that counts in the mind of a woman! We have over a dozen commercials telling us we’re too fat and to buy their pills to lose weight, while still being lazy and unproductive all at the same time. We have hundreds of commercials for medications whose side effects are worse than the conditions they treat! We all must be sick because that’s what we’re told.

Number one, try talking to your mate every now and then. Number two, get your lazy ass off of the couch and quite eating Krispy Kreme and take a walk. And for the food manufacturer’s out there. Why is a big box of Nutty Bars cheaper than a healthy bottle of Vanilla Chai Tea? Lastly, take a walk in the woods, get out of your dust infested rat-hole and get some fresh air. Get away from the city, the smog, the pollution and watch the birds, revel in Nature’s medicine and you’ll feel better. We’re a nation of willing hypochondriacs.

But I digress, that’s not what this is post is about…

We’re also a society of hypocrites and hypocrisy. Hell, it’s what this country was founded on. Land of the free but yet it was stolen form the Native Peoples. It’s all bullshit. People have made an artform out of talking out of both sides of their mouths. People go on news shows and speak of how awful (insert political party here) is just because they merely disagree with them. And one party in particular has devolved into such hateful and venomous lies that it’s impossible to tell the difference between their mouths and their assholes becase the amount of shit that comes out of both ends renders them unrecognizable.

The same people who claim to be “Pro-Life yet support the death penalty. The same human filth that claims to be Christian but condemns truth, morality and pretty much everything Jesus ever taught and stood for through behaviors that are perverse, cruel, sadistic and sometimes even violent because I totally remember the part of the Bible where Jesus told his followers to “love one another, but, not the people who look different than you do”.

A few years ago, near where I am from, a young man was murdered and had his body burned all because he came on to another guy. A woman actually went on the local news and stated “Well, in the eyes of Jesus, homosexuality is a sin”. So, it’s not justifiable for a woman that was raped to have an abortion but it is perfectly justifiable for some homophobic hillbilly to burn someone to death because they were gay!? What the fuck is that?! This is the world we live in?!

Has our culture regressed so drastically that we still live in a day and age where this is still some sort of slight or insult?? I’m flattered if anyone at all finds me attractive no matter what their sexual preference is. No, some Cro-Magnon cavemen still think their sexuality is being questioned or challenged. Guess what Bubba? Yeah! You’re probably gay!

We’ve become too tolerant of illiteracy, poor grammar and the shrugging off of education in this country. It’s entirely too accepted that a 21 year old cannot spell the words “stuffed” (stuft), “tomorrow” (tomarow) or “impeach” (inpeech).

We still are prejudiced towards people of different religions and different races. I know countless people that think Muslim means terrorist and that’s because of the media greatly but a person possessing intellect, reason, logic and common sense would know this isn’t true. Yet it exists. Other people of different races
are just as racist and prejudiced towards people too though. Tolerance is a double-edged sword, a conundrum.

On one hand we should be more tolerant and on the other we should not tolerate as much. This is where the sheep-people come into play. Don’t let yourself be used as a puppet by some pseudo-Christian, pseudo-democratic, despot’s agenda. Question everything! Don’t allow organized religion to inject fear and guilt into your minds just to make another greasy dollar. Don’t allow corporate America to tell you that if you don’t buy their product, you’re uncool!

We have allowed almost all of the control, the power, the freedom thousands upon thousands of soldiers fought and died for so that we could be free to be bottled and taken at will by greedy and self-important ego-maniacs. We should no longer allow the “in-crowd” or the “ones in charge” to direct us on what is acceptable.

Make a choice and think for yourself.

…or learn to swim.

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