The Bad Samaritan…

Choices are hard to come by when the wrong solutions are presented.

There comes a time to remember, remember the past conflicts that did not involve ourselves. It makes you wonder where certain groups of people were, where they are, what they are thinking, or why they are doing the things that they do.

I’m a Bad Samaritan. I’m not anti-social, I’m anti-bullshit. Misanthropic and full of self-loathing. I’m not better than that. Nor am I better than you. Maybe it has all been right there in front my face, the indifference, apathy and lethargy of culture slowly cannibalizing itself to feed itself and I slept right through it. Perhaps I might have blinked and missed it.

Of course, these are only opinions, editorials based on my beliefs, morals, and values, if you can even call them as such. I don’t lean to the left or to the right. I’m not imbalanced, I walk the line of least resistance, tucked away in your periphery or some fever dream, obscured and furtive. Some things are necessary and not all things are about corporate greed.

It’s stark-raving discontent and the itch to roam, alone and isolated that leads me to feel that we are nearing an almost biblical time in our lives. Maybe the side we’re on now defines it as a nation united that fell divided. This is not about precious oil or power or hatred. It’s about my purging of every last poisonous cell that has grown inside me like toxic mold. If it isn’t, show me proof, show me something other than a marker smeared sign, LCD screens and neon lights.

I am a stoic.
I am a loner.

I am not a dreamer.
I am a constant nightmarer.

And I have a lot of nothing to say…

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