It’s not all in my head!

It’s not sadness, lack of sleep,
lack of will, I need to bleed!
It’s not sorrow, I couldn’t care,
What’s the point, when it’s…

All inside my head!

You either like me, or you hate me,
it took years to learn to be myself!
I don’t have the kinda time to
convince somebody else…

That it’s not all in my head!
You fucked up and you’ll never get
another chance!
Cause it’s not all in my head!

I care, but I’m done trying,
crawled your minefield, begged
for death!
I will never be good enough for you,
I got that!

Cause it’s all inside my head!
You’ll never know what it feels
like to hang on by a thread!
Cause it’s not all in my head!

I didn’t cause it!
I can’t control it!
I can’t cure it!
I won’t condone it!
I won’t quit!
I admit it!
I’ll do anything, just to
bleed again!

I’ll be okay, is that what you
want me to fucking say?
She was the harbinger of,
all the Karma I was owed!

When you don’t wanna stop!
When you don’t wanna get any better!
When you just don’t care anymore!

Every breath is just a battle.
Every drug another war.

And I don’t think I’m winning anymore!

It’s not all in my head!!
The demons that you’ve fed!
It all adds up to nothing!

Cause it’s all inside my fucking head!!

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