Devastation, and starvation!
I wake up and I’m right off filled with dread!
Off the meds, sick in the head!
Fall out of bed, into a puddle of damnation!


I’m off the meds!


This fixation, on flirtation!
With the blackened veins of death!
Pop another, two, three dozen!
Fill the liver until it’s bloated and bled!


Off the meds!
Off the meds again!


Is it perverted, to love to suffer, hate each other,
watch it all burn?
Am I vacant, soul’s foresaken, goddamn the shaking,
until I get what I deserve?
It’s a fetish, distorted image, ’til I reach the highest zenith,
Only then will I be finished?


Off the meds again!


I’m off the meds again!
I’m limping to the end!
(I’m off the meds again!)
I’m killing my creator!
(I’m off the meds again!)
Off the wagon again!!

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