Pompous, ostentatious, affected, highfalutin, showy, grandiose, arrogant, grandiloquent, inflated, overblown, bombastic, flamboyant, high-flown, haughty, conceited, uppity, boastful, artificial, snobbish, hoity-toity, self-important, gaudy, magniloquent, orotund, snooty, supercilious, florid, presumptuous, exaggerated, overdone, snotty, turgid, stuck-up, vainglorious, overbearing, fustian, hifalutin, euphuistic, flaunting, high and mighty, highfaluting, histrionic, insincere, smug, patronizing, sententious, superior, condescending, unnatural, aureate, cocky, pontifical, contemptuous, egotistic, disdainful, effete, elitist, garish, loud, pedantic, portentous.

I think that about sums up the user base at counter.social.

It’s where smarmy, pseudo-intellectuals with narcissistic tendencies and holier-than-thou God complexes gather to meet and compare how big their brains and egos are.

Fuck ’em.

They fit the stereotypical profile of the bullied, emo, nerdy, weird kids that could only get a hard-on if they were dissecting a frog. Very Dahmeresque in their social outcast, pariah wonderland, tucked firmly in their echo chambers and hidden behind their fake fucking smiles, depending on which face you’re talking to in that moment. All of them have at least two.

And fuck the morbidly obese, balding old sack of foreskin and monkey shit they call Jester. You ain’t gotta hide buddy…we know who you are but, I can’t say I blame you for wanting to be invisible. No one wants to look at you anyway…and your tales of shutting down Mastercard and other major corporations. We have friends in Anonymous and…you’re a fucking liar. lol

See, I just talked to Aubrey about a week ago and asked him about you. Of course, as you know, he has quite the lust for theatrics but, there’s a reason Kirtaner and others hate your guts…a lot of them. Because, you’re a fucking asshole who doesn’t have a problem stealing code that took hours, days, weeks, months and years to write and gleefully prancing around claiming it’s yours. You’re a liar…and a thief.

Just how many Anonymous ops have you falsely taken credit for? A lot if you ask around because you sure as shit can’t run counter.social like the coding, programming and design savant you claim to be. Pictures that post landscape instead of portrait, fonts that look like they were rendered by a kindergartner and let’s not forget the hundreds of 502s and 522s a day.

Newbie shit, bro.

You’re a fraud…

But to you and all the sycophantic little pieces of toilet paper that cling to your fat ass like you’re the Lord of the Anuses…to all your little gimps, simps and cucks that laughed and pointed fingers and bullied and lied about me.

I got these recently…

Yeah! I got ’em for that shootout all your little balls of navel lint said I made up.

My whole team received the medals. The Advocate of the Year Award was unexpected and from one of the largest Domestic Violence Advocacy Groups in the Midwest and man…I’m proud of it.

So, believe what ya want.

Only one of us is out there, in the streets, with the people…doing actual work…helping them…changing their lives for the better.

And his name isn’t Jester.

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