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For the three people and five bots that read this, you may recall that I was banned from Counter.Social for being a fraud? Why you may be asking? Because my shot-up car looked similar to any of the other 7.63 million pictures of shot-up cars on the entire interwebs.

Well, fuck me, your honor! Case closed! His car is silver, those other shot-up 3.3 million cars are silver too!


But that’s okay. It’s okay I got nuked before I could defend myself or, I don’t know, show my fucking evidence!!

I had plenty of evidence to support my case, police reports, emergency room records, pictures of my bullet wound but I never got a chance to even share those because JΞSŦΞR ✪ ΔCŦUΔL³³°¹” (@th3j35t3r) nuked my account before I could even upload anything I had from Ascension St. Mary or from my transfer to Rush University Med Center or police reports with both CPD and OVPD, as well as one with the ATF.

It’s also funny because one of my friends, V3RM1N, recorded a lot of boring shit at the hospital. I could have uploaded that as proof? Nope!

Anyway, I’m still slightly pissed about it because someone and I mean ONLY ONE PERSON disputed it and it was lights out and all of the seemingly legitimate and kind friends I had made there just vanished and yeah, my ass is a little chafed.

But, doesn’t matter. Fuck ‘em because the community where this happened, where the team I was leading took a violent, armed pedophile off the streets, the community I got shot in noticed…and they didn’t dispute anything because my car was silver Billy Wayne’s car was silver either.

No, they honored the team with Outstanding Citizen Awards. They surprised me by also awarding me a Distinguished Service Award from the OV Police & Fire Departments. And then news spread locally and I was awarded a Medal of Honor from ICAC and finally, one of the most prestigious Domestic Violence advocacy organizations in the region honored me with their Advocate of the Year Award.

So, I’m not gloating but, in case anyone from Counter Social sees this…yeah, these are real…and you can eat my shit.

Also, you ruined a relationship with an honest and decent person because one known shit-stirrer ran their herpes-encrusted mouth.

I hope ya feel good about that Jester!

And by the way, Jester…you owe me a fucking apologize for treating me like guilty filth when I was being honest the entire fucking time, you amoral pompous urinary infection.

OnyxGhost, signing off…

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