Roe vs. Wade. That’s what’s on everyone’s minds and it should be. We’re watching vulgar displays of abuse of power shred our country’s muscle down to the bone and the only thing left it s to pulverize that bone into ashes.

But, as much I detest the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, being a Pro-Choice, Pro-Woman, Pro-Science guy, this post isn’t about specifically the SCOTUS not just kicking in the door to fascist Theocracy but blowing the whole fucking thing off with dynamite.

Next will be LGBTQ rights and our 1st Amendment right to free speech and to peacefully assemble is already being raped by states like Virginia, Texas, Florida and any state where Mountain Dew is the #1 beverage. Not to mention that far-right, religious cult members are crushing us with some sort of batshit deranged crusade to make God President and to be perfectly fucking candid, we don’t need either.

I digress…

One thing you can say about the Republicans in the Greedy Old Pedophiles party is that they said they were going to do these things and they did them. What did the Democrats do, especially since the Alito memo leak?


Yeah, not a goddamned thing. But! They DID stand on the steps of the Capitol singing God Bless America and that’s why I’m furious, that’s why I’m livid and that’s why I’m enraged.

This horde of useless, worthless, spineless, gutless, dickless motherfuckers stood there like they were at a fucking funeral when there wouldn’t be a funeral had Democratic leaders such as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden had grabbed the GOP’s throats and tacked them to a wall.

No, instead, we got lie after lie of this horseshit about bi-partisanship and working across the aisle and I could puke just hearing that delusional shit in my head.

And that’s the problem…

Republicans are domestic terrorists that hate America and desperately want to install Authoritarian Theocracy, much like the medieval ages and Democrats…well, Democrats fight about as hard a dead dandelion in a light breeze. They just fucking quit, give up and tell us bullshit like “This isn’t over” or “We will do everything in our power…” and you HAVE THE FUCKING POWER ALREADY!!!

Expel Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, Expand the fucking Supreme Court, KILL THE FUCKING FILIBUSTER, just do something, anything. Even if it fails, you tried, you took action, you did something but God Bless America after you did jack shit is disingenuous, phony and performative trash.

Republicans may be evil, despotic, power hungry and unimaginably greedy and corrupt but they’re good at waging political wars. They fight dirty and they don’t care and they fucking win too! Democrats won’t even say they’re fucking Liberals because they’re terrified that it will hurt them at the polls and there’s nothing wrong, for the most part with being Conservative or Liberal but Democrats have allowed, because they’re pussies and cowards, the GOP to warp, twist and corrupt Liberal policies to the point that even saying they’re a Liberal is the kiss of death.

Republicans are useless and so are Democrats. Neither party wants to truly do what we, the people, have hired them to do. Running the American government is not a sing-along episode of Sesame Street, you dumb fucking losers. It’s not plotting openly to oppress the very people that bestowed that privilege upon you or openly plotting to steal YOUR Social Security. It’s not calling Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn “rational Republicans” only for them to turn around and loudly, and publicly, drive their campaign bus over you, Joe!

Biden is out of touch. No, I don’t think he has Dementia, that’s fucking stupid but I do not think he has the right people around him to help him read the room, just like Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t read the room that has “REDRUM” written on all the walls…but…she’s barely literate so, Biden has no fucking excuse.

So, I’m renouncing my affiliation with the Democratic Party. I would sooner self-immolate than vote on a Republican but right now, I will not be voting on Joe Biden. Right now, whether they’re on the ballot or not in 2024, I will be writing in my vote for either Amy Klobuchar, Phil Murphy or most likely, Gavin Newsom.

But, for real…fuck politics.

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