“Before we tackle any of our daunting specific problems here in America, we have to figure out how to solve any problem if so many of its people are so intractably, astoundingly, mind-numbingly stupid…I mean this country just might be empirically, verifiably too dumb to continue as an ongoing enterprise.”

Now, say what you will about Bill Maher. I personally think he’s incredulously pompous but if you watch this segment of Real Time…well, he ain’t wrong.

As Maher mentions, a TikTok account called Project Better posted a video asking Americans questions that they should know the fucking answers to…but clearly do not.

For example, the very first question is: “Who is the first person to land on the sun?” Easy. No, apparently not. The two wildebeests immediately look at one another, stumped, before gurgling out “Lance” something, to which the host implies Lance Armstrong, which the wildebeests go right along with and agree.

Maher goes on to ask the most important question: “So, you tell me, if a country is as only as strong as its people, what can the future possibly hold for a population this moronic?”

I hate to keep agreeing with him but…he ain’t wrong.

Now, I get completely that if you’re looking for an absolute fucking moron, you’re probably going to find one. Not that hard but I don’t think the creators of Idiocracy intended for it to be a documentary.

I don’t like living surrounded by blithering idiots with the IQ of ice cubes but I’m not quite ready to opt out just yet. And, according to Dante, we’re all going to Hell anyway so what if chivalry, decorum and altruism, much like irony, are all dead and bloated and apathy and lethargy are being freebased like crack?

As Shakespeare wrote in The Tempest: “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

So, which Circle of Hell will you be living on?

Me? I’m gonna try to move in near Lance Armstrong…so he can tell me tales of cheating to win the Tour de France and if the sun was as hot as those science quacks say it is.

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