It’s important for me to mention that compiling all of the evidence about Counter Social’s slanderous horse-shit against Ghost has been a labor of Lex Talionis on my part. Ghost is busy working other cases and hoping his gunshot wound isn’t getting infected but me? Nuh uh. No.

You came after my best mate like he was a Kardashian pimping an accidental sex tape leak. You all know who you are and you should also know that you can suck every inch of my dick too.

You never know what you’re going to find when you’re researching something. TBH, this is the first thing I’ve really been borderline obsessed over and I do believe part one of this tirade was efficient and sufficient at calling out the cheap Jack Sparrow knock-off and his pitifully programmed social media site that flashes more 502s and 522s than I’ve seen since Ghost’s Niece started designing websites when she was 10.

So, while crawling through useless article after unrelated blurb, I found my four leaf clover from ABC 7.

Of course the fucking pigs won’t even mention Graham and Ghost by name, that’s fine, I don’t think they’d want that anyway but to take all the fucking credit when this entire operation was sparked by CPD’s elective coma! Ghost and his team did the math, connected the dots, established genealogy maps, geo-maps. They mapped out W’s social network, the did surveillance, 24/7 for a week, they successfully lobbied for a warrant to get W’s financial records and oh my fucking god some of the disturbing shit this sicko has been doing should get him life without.

But, I’ve no faith in the system.

Want a non-redacted copy of any of the documentation I’ve posted in the last two posts? Email me.

Tell Lori Lightfoot to pack her fucking shit and get the fuck out of the Mayor’s office next year, please!

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