Counter.Social: Land of Deceit and Home of the Fake.


It’s Henry.

A few months ago Ghost persuaded me to join a social media site called Counter Social. I was reluctant to join because I had a decent assemblage of like-minded, intelligent and witty friends and acquaintances already on Twitter that I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with.

However, I was getting rather fed up with certain aspects of Twitter. Namely the “raise your hand” posts, the political vitriol and the incessant begging and pleading for followers. I talked with Ghost briefly about what Counter Social was like, i.e. the type of users, how it was run, features, blah blah blah and so I thought “Why the hell not?” and joined.

I used the same username I’ve used on many social media sites; “V3RM1N” and quickly garnered several followers. And I have to admit, it really did seem like a site that was diverse, tolerant, socially cognizant and its users were relatively friendly.

At first.

Now let me preface this by saying there are some legitimately wonderful people on Counter Social and this screed isn’t about you, It’s about the holier-than-thou, chest-thumping Cro-Mags that have slithered their way over from Twitter to troll people and cause controversy and drama and it’s about some toxic, abusive personalities that taunt, bully and demean people in private, sometimes in public and then blend back into the collective with their fake fucking smiles and bullshit fortune cookie philosophies.

Politically I’m a Progressive, far left if you will but this doesn’t mean that I will abide by nonsense, lies, misinformation, disinformation, bullying, harassment or anyone that was generally a judgmental asshole.

Now, Counter Social seemed to mostly be Liberals, Democrats, Democratic Socialists and other various leftist ideologies and I thought “Cool!”. Free speech was encouraged and admittedly, it did have some interesting features that I never got around to using.

I engaged with users as frequently as possible and received generally positive feedback and I thoroughly enjoyed having another outlet to connect and communicate with Ghost too.

That’s when I ran into my first taste of what Counter Social was really about and what sort of users it really had. After posting a fairly critical and scathing critique of a bizarre and insane video of Nancy Pelosi, posted by her sister, I was met with massive backlash from at least a dozen users that, at that point, had been friendly, but all of that friendliness was nothing but superficial and fake platitudes.

It became apparent, painfully, that a differing opinion, one criticizing the political agenda that the site has unofficially, officially adopted as a tenet or doctrine. In my opinion, Counter Social, CoSo as it’s known colloquially, is not just just a fandom or a clique, it’s a straight-up cult-like sect. A coterie of authoritarian, dogmatic and hyper-intolerant nihilists.

A junta of atheists, agnostics, pagans, skeptics, conspiracy theorists, doomsday pundits and elitist, pseudo-intellectuals fully entrenched in their orthodoxy of irrational, illogical and censorious far-left delusions of grandeur that their incunabulum or “counter culture” that is nothing more than a Mastodon clone, desperately straining its constipated bowels to be like Twitter.

It was at this time I began receiving direct messages from users, and I do have screenshots, ranging from politely telling me to tone it down, that I was “being a bitch”, “stupid”, demanding I delete my post and eventually a user that is no longer active there threatening to dox my “MAGA ASS!!”. I’m not, nor have I ever been a supporter of the GOP, Republicans, Donald Trump or MAGA. The last direct message before I deleted my account there suggested that my “MAGA ass” should delete my account and “die”.

The site is presumably owned and operated by an unknown, cranky and non-responsive user known as “JΞSŦΞR ✪ ΔCŦUΔL³³°¹” (@th3j35t3r). Jester is an anonymous hacker who has a history, admittedly, of posting xenophobic, Islamophobic and right-wing extremism, as well as doxing members of a hacking collective and making claims to have successfully launched numerous DoS attacks on Jihadist websites, 4Chan, and even attacking Mastercard, Amazon and PayPal.

“The Jester” might have truly altruistic intentions but it’s hard to take them seriously when you factor in a petty and immature beef with Anonymous after they threw their support behind WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. For the record, I despise WikiLeaks and Assange but I, for the most part, still support Anonymous, despite the rancorous zealotry of Aubrey “Kirtaner” Cottle.

Kirtaner also has, on the surface, altruistic intentions but deep down he’s a flawed and bigoted person. The Jester once shared some of those bigoted beliefs himself, admittedly consuming FOXNews and tweeting phobic-natured material but I’m not going to bastardize them for something they said a decade ago. As of now, they allege they’ve changed but both Cottle and The Jester have disturbing histories and underlying beliefs in my opinion.

It’s important to note that there are some extremely worrisome allegations about this Jester person that have not been substantiated and that for all the DoS and DDoS attacks Jester has claimed to have undertaken, they have provided absolutely no fucking proof to corroborate their boastings.

Personally, I believe The Jester to be a legitimate programmer, coder, etc. but a world class hacktivist capable of taking down Mastercard? Utter fucking bullshit. The bullshit of a skilled and experienced troll but you, the reader can easily find legitimate news sources and journalists backing up everything I’ve laid out here. You owe yourself the due diligence but you can’t deny that there is something suspicious and shady about “The Jester”.

And that brings me to the moment where Toto ripped away the curtain, exposing many of the users of Counter Social for the frauds, fakes and pretenders that they are.

Ghost, as it is well known to our fan base is a Protective Services Investigator. Ghost was involved in a shootout this past week with a known pedophile who was living in the home of a woman who has two small children. His law firm and its staff launched an operation, alongside an Illinois State Police Officer to lure the predator away from the children and into an unpopulated area to avoid any bystanders being injured, should shit hit the proverbial fan…and it did.

On arrival, the team was met with a hail of gunfire, mostly directed at Ghost as he had been doing surveillance on the guy for a week. In the process, Ghost was shot twice. Once in his back, luckily hitting his tac-vest and another in his outside thigh, narrowly missing his femur and femoral artery.

His injuries were extensive but he will recover. Both suspects were arrested and are in Cook County Jail as I write this.

Against his firm’s advice as well as mine and the rest of the band, he began documenting this operation from beginning to end on Counter Social. This is one of the very first times I’ve seen Ghost be truly open and vulnerable and I believe that he trusted this community because I believed these were virtuous, honorable and laudable people.

Ghost never attempted to harvest clicks, likes, follows or clout. He clearly and in a very raw way, shared intimate details about the pressures, stress and injustices he dealt with doing his job and it is a thankless, dangerous and all-consuming one at that.

So when he did something that he absolutely never does, sharing a photo of the injuries he suffered and they were severe enough to cause him to piss blood, I was taken aback by his openness and while I’m in Canada, that was the first time I had seen how bad it was.

Now, this post generated a lot of support, gratitude and sympathy and not once did he milk it for purposes of his ego or clout. Not fucking once.

As the police investigation rolled forward, more details began to come out. The suspects were armed to the teeth and it was beyond apparent that most of the shots fired were directed at Ghost and the vehicle he arrived in, a Ford Taurus, the year I’m unaware of.

This car was a company vehicle. There were five members of the operation who traveled in all three unmarked company vehicles. So, let me provide some context about these vehicles as relayed to me by Ghost himself, as he was kind enough to allow me to look at receipts, bids and other financial shit.

These cars were bought at police auction for chump change. Many came damaged, missing parts and in need of new paint jobs. I know this not just because Ghost told me but because, again, he showed me the auction invoices and there it is in black and white, every ding, dent, missing parts, interior damage and damages to the exterior paint and body.

Ghost’s Taurus received the brunt of the shots fired, splintering the windshield, the rear window and riddling the body with bullet holes from an HK416. The police, of course, impounded the car for forensic processing. Meanwhile Ghost’s employers started preparing insurance claims and requesting photos of the damaged vehicles. This an HK416 by the way. And they had an extended clip too!

Let’s move on and start digging in to why we, mainly Ghost told that place to go fuck itself like we did. Some asshole there, Ex-Lax or some retarded name like that accused Ghost of faking all of the incident and you may be saying “But Henry, he had to have proof!” and you’d be right, he’d have to have proof.

But they had jack fucking shit. One photo that, yes, the car is similarly shot up like Ghost’s was but that’s where it stops, end of story. There’s a thousand differences to both those pictures but we can sort this out much faster than Ex-Lax can use Google. Let’s start by looking at each photo’s exif/metadata. Donkey Fucker’s “proof” will be on the left and Ghost’s car is on the right. Let’s see what the ‘ol metadata has to say! It should be noted that Donkey Fucker’s picture is not the picture they use to slander Ghost…it’s the original picture.

Well would you look at that? Donkey Fucker’s photo was taken September 7th, 2019 with an iPhone XS Max and the GPS location places it in Newark, NJ! Weird!!

How about Ghost’s shot to shit car?


That photo was taken on May 25th, 2022, the morning after the incident, with a Samsung Galaxy S22 and the GPS location places it in Chicago-fucking-Illinois! Don’t even need to get into visual differences. You’re looking at two shot to hell Fords, 750 miles and three years apart. Are they similar? Yeah and so fucking what?

For further evidence, here is the exact car just two weeks ago in Urbana, IL

Now, here’s the exact car’s listing when the firm bought it, along with some photos from different angles.

As you can see, the deal was “Pending” and the dealership removed the ability make an offer as well as the price. They finalized the sale days later and this would be the last of the company cars with the exception of the Caprices the investigators drove which, to this day, are two of these:

I don’t have a copy of the title and I wouldn’t post a photo of it anyway but I’ve spent a fair share of time looking at that decommissioned cop car in my driveway and inside of it for various things too. The last thing I will say about the car portion of this is that any fucking retard can use Google or Bing or Yahoo or Tin Eye and run a search on the photo he posted and you WILL not get a match. Did the CPD or OPVPD cover up something around the photo? I don’t fucking know and I don’t fucking care because that Is the car he left his apartment in on May 24th. Don’t believe it?

Suck my dick.

I can 100% say that it is the real car Ghost was in during the assault. I cannot rule out a filter or that the Sheriff’s Department has obscured or redacted people or other identifying things that they don’t want us to see and that’s their right, and if I’m really being unchained, the Samsung Galaxy S22 cameras suck big giant elephant balls anyway but, like it or not, that is the car, 100%.

As of this writing, the Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that they do redact and digitally mask elements in photos and videos to adhere to Illinois state privacy laws but assured us that this particular photo had not been altered. I know how rough the passenger’s side is because it needs new paint. I know the A/C only goes down to 80. I know this is the car Ghost and his partner were in when it was t-boned in the passenger side. I know the passenger doors belong to a different Taurus from the year before. The doors don’t match, the paint job sucks but they choose not to use BMWs, instead filtering those funds in to their clients.

I don’t even remember the glory hole all-star’s name that started this and it’s irrelevant and beneath me to even mention it if I did know it anyway, but I want them to know that their glaring jealousy of a real life hero makes you one of the biggest sissy cucks I’ve ever seen. And I’m a gay man in 2022! We had a great laugh at it but water and vinegar douche will get that sand out of your vagina. Then, maybe you can realize how insignificant and inferior to Ghost you are in every way.

He’s smarter, buffer, tougher, educated, successful and people of all backgrounds love him in this community. And, that’s why you’re a salty fucking cunt. Because he’s beloved and no one gives a fuck that you even exist.

Oh and for the donkey raping shit-eater who slandered my best mate. He promised you the police report…and here it is. Got a problem with an open criminal case’s report being heavily redacted? Go soak a CPD precinct with your tears, cocksucker.

He posted every shred of proof he was legally and ethically able to post to prove this all happened. His badge, his Concealed Carry License, his Detection of Deception Examiner’s License and his Investigator’s license and nope!


Facts don’t matter in their delusional dystopia of egotism and megalomania.

Again, a lot of decent and goodhearted people on Counter Social and it’s sad and tragic that they don’t even realize they’re swimming with sharks. And let me say this since I work in the music industry. Anytime the boss, the boss being “The Jester”, sticks their nose directly into drama, whether it is manufactured or not…it’s such a shitty look, bro. You just look like a nosy neighbor that hears a loud crash and doesn’t think twice about running outside to see what it was…while still wearing your gimp suit.

Now you have taken control of something that should have been left to the parties involved but you just had to stick your arrogant fucking nose into it. You say you’re anti-Fascism? Bullshit. You’re the epitome of it. And a butthurt sissy fascist too!

ARS Technica’s Sean Gallagher said it best:

Plenty of people would like to see The Jester, who has in the past claimed to be “an ex-soldier with a rather famous unit,” taken down a peg. He has a long history of going after people seen as being on the wrong side of an issue, and he has angered former colleagues with his alleged credit-stealing, ego-tripping, and general grandstanding. A group of former operators from The Jester’s IRC channel on 2600, who now make up the group ReaperSec, are particularly disillusioned with what they see as The Jester’s constant self-promotion, and with the whole “patriotic hacker” mythology.

You’re a fucking joke, a fucking troll, grifting your way through donations and Pro memberships while providing interesting ideas and that’s all they are…mildly interesting. While your “platform” is riddled with server errors, photo upload glitches and myriad different fuck-ups and let’s not forget that slow-ass loading time for every-fucking-thing-you-do either.

And yet, people pay you for this fucking garbage but hey, I get it, it’s a hustle and I don’t fault you for hustlin’, especially off the backs of people who can’t decide which face they want to talk out of from day-to-day. And, if you’re such a computer savant that can just waltz past PayPal security, then there’s nothing stopping you from short-mining every PayPal account associated with the users here

You’re a self-proclaimed “Grey Hatter’. Ghost is a Grey Hatter. One of you I trust and it’s not the fake patriot who gets his thimble hard off of causing drama, it’s the one who just saved two children under the age of 5 from a home with a drunken Mother and her pedophile boyfriend, broke his kneecap, bruised four ribs and got shot twice in the process.

What have you done…Jester? Bionic Reading?

I am Jack’s hyperventilating laughter.

And for all the drama whores seething for that Twitter pill because you’re realizing that Counter Social is just a bunch of people sharing songs from YouTube and screenshots…from fucking Twitter, maybe they’re starting to realize your site, your Mastodon clone…is dreadfully fucking boring.

And all of you who didn’t defend him and piled on with not a shred or fucking proof should be ashamed and can go fuck yourselves. You ran away a solid, decent, hell-of-a-human being and you fucking LET IT HAPPEN!

To those who did defend him, thank you for not being tambourine monkeys. Much respect.

Ghost and I didn’t tuck tail and run. Neither of us have time for The Sherlock Blow Me Hour. We simply figured out the scam. Because, like it or not, OnyxGhost is a real investigator and the majority of you…

Just have fucking internet.

We’re going to create music, art so, for the “CoSo Majority”, enjoy bitching about politics and Republicans because divisiveness, hatred, anger and rage are all most of you can muster from your tiny walnut brains but it’s okay. Just keep praying and raising your hands and clicking buttons…because that solves everything, doesn’t it?

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